Have you ever wondered why solar panels are common for many homeowners? Solar panels are reliable for energy provision for any home setting and are designed to withstand harsh and demanding outdoor elements.

But this does not mean you should not look for effective ways to protect your solar panels from hail damage. Investing in solar panels includes being concerned and securing your panels. Read on to find out how hail affects your solar panels and ways you can protect this from happening.

What Occurs If Your Solar Panels Are Hail Damaged?

Whether you have solar panels installed or are thinking about getting some, you should understand the installation process, safety measures, and repair costs. Solar panels are built up of solar cells, with the core material of silicon. Therefore, you will likely find polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels when looking for solar panels.

The cells are linked and use the sun to produce energy. The electric voltage is transmitted via solar cells, which you may see on the roof. When hail hits the solar panels, the cells are damaged, causing the connection to lose its path. The damage to the solar panel is noticeable on the voltage regulator. If you try to touch the panel, the voltage shocks you.

As a consumer, avoid touching the damaged panel since it’s still linked to the charge controller and receiving sunlight, and so the voltage shocks you. But, the panel can still generate electricity even after being hit by hail. The outer layer of the solar panel is manufactured stronger than the surface of a standard steel shed, which means that only large storms can damage the panels.

If you notice your panel is damaged after a downfall or hail, you should avoid touching it. It is not safe for you whether you’re trying to remove hail, dust, or leaves. The best thing you can do is contact a solar panel professional to inspect. Furthermore, a faulty solar panel is expensive to repair and hazardous to the environment because it contains plastic and other metallic materials.

Read on if you are unsure of what to do if a solar panel is damaged.

Ways to Effectively Protect Your Solar Panels From Hail

Investing in solar panels is a smart move for any homeowner, but how do you ensure the panels are productive and safe from hail damages? You can use the below ways to safeguard your solar panels from hail.

Use Protective Panels

During hail season, cover your solar panels with protective covers. With the numerous covers in the market, ensure you purchase the right ones. Hail falls at a high rate and requires a solid cover to protect the solar panel, which safeguards it from dust, downpours, and falling leaves.

However, you may notice that the energy produced is less since the strong covers hinder direct sunlight, decreasing productivity. To minimize this, you can use other covers for wet seasons that do not affect energy production and keep your panels safe from hail.

Add Methacrylate Layer

Methacrylate is a polymer plastic with a deep bond. You can apply a protective layer with methacrylate on the surface of your panels to protect against hail. This coating can be used to create a protective layer from this coating on the panel’s top, which is extremely thin, and sunlight can easily pass through it.

Arrange the Panels at an Angle

Angular installation is a natural solution for hail protection on solar panels. A good angle will cause hail to slide off the panel and move away from the surface. You can easily do this by south-facing your solar panels during extreme weather. In addition, solar panels installed at a better angle and slope maintains clean panels and easy water flow.

How to Protect Solar Panels From Hail

Stay Updated with Weather Forecasts

Staying updated with weather predictions helps get solutions by taking the necessary steps to protect your panels. You have time to plan, buy the covers, and wrap your panels before the weather changes, which means that any downfall on your panels will not find you unprepared. Hazardous weather can jeopardize solar panels, such as hails, storms, or heavy downpours.

Cleaning Robots

Staying updated with the technology is crucial as it helps you upgrade to better products and services. Cleaning robots are the recent technology currently available for cleaning solar panels. But, if you are on a tight budget, this may not be a good option for you.

The trick is buying a certain number of robots dependent on your home’s number of solar panels. Cleaning robots help clean many solar panels quickly because they are designed for commercial solar systems.

Regular Maintenance

To keep the solar panels operational, technicians must service them regularly. You could do this once or twice annually. Ensure you involve a skilled technician well-versed in solar panels’ physical, structural, and operational issues. Only a technician can test the panel’s energy production rate and know its current condition.

Should you Repair or Replace Damaged Solar Panels?

Has hail destroyed your panels, and are you wondering if you should replace or repair the damaged ones? Repairing costs are minimal compared to replacing with new ones. This is why you may rush in making this decision, but the best thing would be consulting with your technician.

Once they inspect the panels, they can give you an informed decision on whether the panes are repairable or you need to replace them. In addition, some more signs may indicate that it’s time to replace your solar panels. These include:

Physical Degradation

The preservation of solar panels is influenced by debris, weather, and other objects that may fall and cause damage. As much as the panels are made of rigid tempered glass, the impact may be huge and crack the glass. Cracked glass is hazardous because it allows water to penetrate the solar panel’s cells, causing additional damage.


If you notice any discolored surfaces, you should alert a solar panel expert right away. These are signs of a corroded panel, which can cause irregular temperature distribution and reduce energy production.

Counterfeit Panels

A solar specialist will notice any counterfeit parts during maintenance and advise you to replace them. Low-quality panels absorb less sun absorption and lead to poor energy production. This is

why you should always purchase quality solar panels from reliable suppliers to avoid such an experience.

Age of the Panels

Solar panels are durable and can serve you for 20-30 years without trouble. But what happens when the panels are over this time? It’s simple. You replace it immediately to avoid inconveniences of low energy production. As solar panels age, they begin to deteriorate as the photovoltaic silicon content of the panel fails to convert light into electrical energy efficiently.


Solar panels work in adverse weather conditions like hails, but it’s good to take specific steps to ensure that they remain functional. Damaged panels are dangerous, and you should contact a skilled technician to advise on replacement or repairs.

The above steps are simple and effective in protecting your panels against hail season. Purchasing quality panels from reliable suppliers and regular maintenance will go a long way when it comes to protecting your solar panels.

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