With its cooler climate and excellent location, Michigan makes for the perfect state for solar power production. While there is a common misconception that solar panels do not work in cloudy weather, this great state has proved that solar panels work just about anywhere.

Solar power, a great alternative to regular power supply, is the best clean, renewable energy source that produces zero carbon emissions that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Let’s delve into the world of solar power and the use of solar panels in Michigan and see how their use of solar power has grown in popularity.

Why Solar Power is the Best Alternative Energy Source

Solar power, which is power harnessed from the sun, has many benefits to homeowners and the environment.

The benefits of solar power:

What can Solar Panels be Used for?

Solar panels are among the most common types of solar power systems. Placed on the roof of your home, they transfer sunlight to a direct current that can be used to power the home and its appliances. This process is known as photovoltaics and is the most popular form of solar energy production for homes and businesses.

Solar Panels: An Investment or an Unnecessary Expense?

Solar panels, while not cheap, are an excellent investment. With the costs of solar power equipment in Michigan dropping by roughly 80% in the last ten years, solar power and solar panels have become more popular than ever as households across the state do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. When changing from regular power sources to solar, people often need convincing to do so, and a few incentives never hurt.

With the initial cost of switching to solar power being relatively expensive, the government incentives for those who use solar power are substantial. Just a few incentives offered to solar power users in Michigan are:

The federal, municipal, and state governments created these incentives to encourage homeowners in Michigan to make the switch to solar, possibly reducing the strain on an already burdened power grid.

Are there any Disadvantages to Installing Solar Panels in Michigan?

As mentioned before, solar power systems are expensive to install but should be considered an investment. Once you have started producing a sufficient amount of power to sustain your household energy needs, the savings on your energy bill will guarantee a return on your initial investment.

Apart from the cost of installation, there are a few other disadvantages to solar panels and solar power systems:

  1. Solar power production is heavily dependent on the weather. While colder, darker climates are not suited for solar power as an energy source, the sunnier states are ideal. Solar panels need light to produce electricity.
Solar Panels Michigan

Solar Power in Michigan: The Bottom Line

Look at both the benefits and the disadvantages of solar power. It should be clear that there are far more benefits to installing a solar power system like solar panels to provide electricity, heating, and cooling to your home. With government incentives along with a great return on your solar installation investment, switching to solar in Michigan is easier than ever.

A move to solar power is the ultimate way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and family. As more people move to solar power, the effects on the current global crisis are significant.

Find the Best Solar Installation Company in Michigan

Choosing a company to install your solar panels or solar power systems might seem easy. With many people using online searches to find services in their area, there is a risk of choosing a company that might not provide the best value for money or is not licensed or certified to install solar power systems in the state of Michigan. Some good old-fashioned research can go a long way in finding a good solar power installation company in your area.

Here are the factors that should be considered when choosing a solar power installation company:

#1: Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a handy tool in assessing a company’s serviceability. Read feedback from previous customers to see how they rated a particular company’s products and services and if they would be able to provide you with the best installation service possible.

#2: Age of the business

A solar company that has only been in business for a handful of years might not have the experience that a company that has been in the business for ten years or more would. Solar power installation is a highly-specialized field, with contractors needing various certifications and licenses to operate in the industry. Make sure you check to see that they hold all necessary licenses and certifications to carry out any installation work on your new solar power system.

#3: Warranties

Do the solar installation company’s products and systems come with a warranty? Most solar power systems carry a 25-year warranty, ensuring that replacements and repairs do not cost an arm and a leg. Should something happen, and your system shuts down. Ask about any warranties before you sign any contracts or pay any deposits to your solar installation company.

#4: How do their services compare to other solar installation companies?

Research into the various services of solar installation companies in your area is always a great idea. While one might offer a particular service, the other might not, and so forth. Be sure to choose an installation company that suits your solar power needs and your budget.

All costs should be discussed and agreed to upfront, with a deposit paid to secure the installation. Ask friends and family for the details of installation companies in Michigan that they may have used before. Find out which companies are highly recommended and which should be avoided altogether.

#5: Does the service suit my needs and my budget?

The most critical factor that should come into play when selecting a solar power installation company is your solar power needs. The needs that one should consider are the size of your home, what you will be using the solar power system for, and how much you are willing to spend on your installation.

As we have mentioned, installing a solar power system should be considered an investment, as it can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Set yourself a budget and stick to it as much as possible. Find companies that match your criteria and compare costs and the above-mentioned factors.


Solar power is big news in Michigan. More and more households are switching to solar power as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the more traditional energy sources like gas and petroleum. With the cost of solar power systems decreasing rapidly, solar power is more accessible to homes across the state, reducing the burden placed on the national power grid.

With so many incentives and benefits to solar power, there is no reason for homes across Michigan to rely upon the power companies to supply their power. Solar power is the future, and it is time for Michigan to make the change.

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