Solar energy is fast becoming a popular alternative energy source that is clean, renewable, and has many cost-saving benefits for homeowners. The solar power industry in Dallas has soared, with government incentives and the sunny weather contributing to the change to solar power as homeowners find ways to slash their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

What is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy produced from using the sun’s natural thermal energy to generate electricity. The most common way that solar energy is harvested is through solar panels installed on the roof of homes or businesses.

Solar Power in the home: Pros and cons

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons associated with solar power. Let’s look at both the pros and cons of solar power and the use of solar panels.



Is Solar Power a good option in Dallas?

If you’re in Dallas, Texas, and are considering switching to solar energy for your home or business but need a little convincing that it is a viable option, one only needs to look at reasons why Dallas is the perfect place for solar energy production.

From the weather to government benefits and incentives, Dallas is geared to be a leader in solar power in the Texan state.

Why is Dallas good for Solar?

Dallas has the ideal climate for solar energy production. With more than 230 sunny days per year, the amount of solar energy produced in the state is substantial. With a vast array of energy companies in Dallas, homeowners are spoilt for choice in selecting the best company to install and maintain the solar energy systems and solar panels.

Government incentives and tax credits have sweetened the deal, with significant savings and rebates available for solar energy customers. Installing solar panels in your home qualifies you for the following incentives:

  1. Many power companies offer rebates on energy bills if you have solar energy in your home. This is not state-wide and depends on your energy company.
  1. Solar energy users can enjoy a 26% tax credit on their solar energy installation costs. This is known as investment tax credit or ITC.
  1. Dallas uses net metering to incentivize solar energy installations. This is a billing mechanism that credits solar power users for any energy they contribute to the grid.
  1. Many who use solar energy in their homes are liable for a property tax exemption of 15% to 20% of the value of their home.

Dallas is one of the only states where the installation costs of solar power systems have dropped by a whopping 36% in the last five years. With Texas ranked number two in the United States for solar power usage, the state currently produces enough solar energy to power over 1.2 million homes.

Solar Panels Dallas

Why solar power is the best way forward

Solar power has many uses and installing solar panels on the roof of your home is a wise decision. Now that we know the good and bad of solar power, it is time to discuss the many uses of solar power and just how to go about choosing the best solar installation company.

We live in a world that faces one of the biggest global climate crises in the history of humankind. If you are perplexed about just how you can make a difference and play your part in reducing global warming, switching to solar power to heat, cool, and power your home is a popular way to reduce your carbon footprint.

We can use solar power in the following ways:

Speak to a solar power installer in your area today to see just how much you can save by installing solar panels in your home.

How to choose the best solar installation company in Dallas

Choosing a solar installation company requires research, reading reviews, and ensuring that all state certifications and licenses are in place. When searching for a solar installation company to install your solar panels or solar heating and cooling systems, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Question #1: Does the company have good reviews on review sites and social media pages?

Thanks to technology and social media, finding out the good and bad about a company is easy by visiting their social media pages.

People are social creatures and are more than willing to share their experiences with a company, good and bad, with their peers on social media pages. Review sites are another excellent source of feedback provided by previous customers based on the service they received.

Question #2: Does the company have all the necessary licenses and certifications required to install solar power systems?

For a company to be considered legitimate and for the installation to meet your home insurance company’s requirements, there are specific licenses and certifications the company needs to have.

One of the leading certifications required to install solar power systems in Dallas is a certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. For a complete list of the requirements for certification, you can visit the NABCEP website.

In terms of licensing, federal and state laws require business owners to have business licenses and more to provide their service in any state in the country. You can ask your contractor or installation company for their licensing information before doing any installation work in or around your home.

Question #3: Is the company well-established in the industry, and do they have a proven reputation for good service?

You can easily find this information by doing your research. Take note of how long they have been in business.

A company operating in the solar power industry for at least ten years is more likely to provide a good service than a company that has only recently opened its doors. Solar power installation and maintenance is a highly specialized field, requiring technicians to keep up with all the latest technological advancements in the industry.

To ensure that they have a good reputation, feel free to contact their references and chat with others in your area who have made use of their services. Word-of-mouth advertising can be a powerful tool in assessing the reputation and good name of a company.

While there are other considerations, such as warranties, special offers, and the solar equipment used, potential customers can generally find this information on the company’s website or by speaking to one of the company’s sales representatives.


If you live in Dallas and would like to switch to solar power today, the information we have provided today should help make your decision a bit easier.

Dallas is ideally located to harness the benefits of the climate to power, heat, and cool homes using solar energy.

With a bit of research, finding a solar power installer with excellent reviews and guarantees adequately licensed installation of your solar power heating and energy system should be easy.

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