New Mexico has the perfect sunny climate to produce and sustain solar energy as an alternative energy source. With the cost of solar power systems dropping considerably as time goes by, now is the time to switch to solar power and enjoy the benefits of moving off the grid.

New Mexico has many incentives and solar rights laws that protect and encourage homeowners who wish to install solar systems and is becoming one of the fastest-growing solar power states in the U.S.

Solar Power: A Move In The Right Direction

Solar power uses the thermal energy of the sun and converts it into an energy source that can be used to heat and cool homes, as well as provide an alternative energy source to power household appliances. Solar power is quite possibly one of the cleanest energy sources, emitting no harmful carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Other sources of clean, renewable energy are:

  1. Hydropower
  2. Wind power

Clean, alternative energy sources are cheaper in the long run and can go a long way in reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

How Solar Power is Saving the Planet

We are currently facing a global energy crisis. With sea levels rising and temperatures rising, a change is needed to stop global warming in its tracks and save our planet.

Energy is a necessary utility, powering homes and heating and cooling units. As summer temperatures increase and the winters get colder, the need for cooling and heating increases, placing a strain on the national power grid. This energy has to come from somewhere, and the traditional energy sources such as gas and fossil fuels are placing a strain on the environment.

Energy production is the number one contributor to the emission of “greenhouse gases,’ which is the leading cause of global warming. Alternative energy sources like solar power, hydropower, and wind power have become more popular as homes and businesses worldwide seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and, thus, the effects of global warming.

Solar power can be an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources and is one of the cheapest to maintain. By using the natural light and heat of the sun to produce energy, there are no harmful carbon emissions and no draining of resources to create energy.

Why is New Mexico a good option for solar power?

Sunny New Mexico is the ideal place to install solar panels and switch to solar energy. Most of the year sees New Mexico sunny and warm, and solar power is an excellent option for households who want to switch to solar energy and install solar panels to harvest the thermal heat and light from the sun.

While there are significant costs to install solar panels, the savings on your energy bill will soon cover the cost of the installation, and you will see great returns on your investment in the form of clean, reliable energy.


We have mentioned the savings on your energy bill when installing solar panels in your home. Still, there are many more benefits and incentives that homeowners in New Mexico can enjoy when they switch to solar energy.

The benefits of switching to solar power:

Solar Panels New Mexico

Incentives of switching to solar power

The U.S. federal and national governments have created fantastic incentives for those who use solar power in their home. Let’s take a look at just how the government is incentivizing solar power in more detail:


Power companies in and around New Mexico offer rebates to those who use solar power. This is only on a company-to-company basis, and you would need to contact your current energy company to see if you can get a rebate if you are using solar power in your home.

Solar tax credits

The U.S. government incentivizes solar power to reduce the strain on the national and state grids. Citizens who have solar energy systems installed in their homes can enjoy a 26% tax credit on the installation costs of their systems.

Net Metering

Net metering is a clever billing system that credits homeowners for the energy they provide to the national grid in solar power. Net metering is used in most U.S. states and can see homeowners saving money on their energy bills.

Property tax exemptions

Property tax is applied to all homeowners in America. However, households that use solar power can enjoy exemptions of between 15% to 20% on their property taxes.

Solar Rights Laws

The New Mexico state is one of only a few U.S. states that have laws in place to protect and encourage the use of solar power as an alternative energy source.

The Solar Rights Act of 1977

The Solar Rights Act was first introduced in 1977 and allowed homeowners to use solar energy as a property right. In simple terms, it prevents neighbors and homes in the immediate vicinity from obstructing your solar panels with trees, buildings, and other objects. Solar panels rely on unobstructed views of the sun to use the thermal heat and light that is converted to solar energy.

The Solar Collector Definitions and Restrictions Bill of 2007

Homeowners’ associations are popular in many states in America. These associations ensure that your home meets specific standards and requirements for a particular neighborhood or housing community.

The solar collector definitions and restrictions bill prohibits these associations from applying any standards or requirements on your home when it comes to solar power. The bill protects homeowners who have solar panels installed in their homes and prohibits homeowners’ associations from not allowing homeowners the right to install and use solar power systems.

Solar Recordation Act of 1983

If you have solar panels or solar power systems in your home and you wish to sell up and move, the solar recordation act ensures that the solar right stays attached to the property even when it is sold. The homeowner may sell the right separately, allowing neighbors to purchase this right and take over the solar power system.

Solar Power Installations in New Mexico

The decision to install solar power systems in your home should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, and you should research all options extensively.

What to think about when you decide to make a move to solar power:


Solar power systems and solar panels are expensive to install. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s solar panels are more advanced than those used even five years ago. Newer technology costs you more, but with all the benefits and incentives mentioned in this article, you will soon realize that the benefits outweigh the cost. You will see a return on your investment almost immediately.

Company licensing and certification

Solar power installation companies and contractors should have the correct licenses and certifications to install your solar panels of solar systems. One of the certifications needed is that the technician or contractor belongs to the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners or NABCEP.

To receive certification, several requirements such as hours worked in the industry, training, and other qualifications must be met. This helps ensure that your contractor or solar power installation company has the knowledge and training needed to correctly install a solar power system that meets safety standards.


While a sound solar panel system should last a lifetime, there is always the chance of something happening, and repairs or maintenance are required. Check the warranty on your solar power systems before installation and ensure that you know who to contact when your system suffers a breakdown or needs to be replaced.

The Best Solar Power Installation Company

Finding an excellent solar power installation company need not be a hassle if you know what to look for. We have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself when looking for a solar power installer in your area:

  1. Does the company have all the necessary licenses and qualifications?
  2. What are their warranty policies on my solar power system?
  3. Have they received good reviews from other homeowners in my area?
  4. How long have they been in business, and are they well established?
  5. Are they able to provide the best service at a cost that meets my needs and budget?

Do your research on solar power installation companies in your area and choose the company that answers Yes to all the questions listed above. The best solar installation company exists; you just have to put in the effort to find them.


It is clear that New Mexico is well-situated to produce and sustain solar energy production for homes and businesses in the state. With the cost of solar systems decreasing every year, more homeowners are making a move to solar, with incentives and rebates making it even easier to afford the installation and maintenance costs.

As the world is embroiled in a global climate crisis, a move to solar could see a significant reduction in carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. A cleaner energy source is the best move in solving this crisis, and New Mexico is the ideal state to lead this drive.

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